HAZELL DEAN is a British dance-pop singer, who achieved her biggest success in the 1980s as a leading Hi-NRG artist. She is best known for top hits including "Searchin' (I Gotta Find A Man)", "Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)", "Who's Leaving Who" and "Maybe (We Should Call it a Day)". She also works as a songwriter and producer.


The Videos:

"Searchin' (I Gotta Find A Man)" (1983/1984)

"Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)" (1984)

"They Say It's Gonna Rain" (1985)

"Who's Leaving Who" (1988)

"Maybe (We Should Call It A Day)" (1988)

"Turn It Into Love" (1988/1989)


Upcoming Public Shows

August 2019

Aug 31 - George & Dragon, London (UK)

September 2019

Sep 20 - Tribeca Bar, Manchester (UK)

Sep 21 - Himley Hall Grounds, Dudley (UK)

November 2019

Nov 15 - The Brewery, Lancaster (UK)

December 2019

Dec 06 - Vauxhall Holiday Resort, Great Yarmouth (UK)

March 2020

Mar 06 - Pontins Holliday Park, Southport (UK)

Dates concistently added !

So please check back on occasion !

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