LUTRICIA MCNEAL is an American soul and pop singer. She achieved worldwide success with her cover version of "Ain't That Just The Way" in 1987 and with "Stranded" in 1988, followed by other chart hits including "Someone Loves You Honey", "The Greatest Love You'll Never Know", "365 Days", and "Perfect Love".


The Videos:

"Ain't That Just The Way" (1987)

"My Side Of Town" (1987)

"Stranded" (1998)

"Someone Loves You Honey" (1998)

"The Greatest Love You'll Never Know" (1998/1999)

"When A Child Is Born" (1998/1999)

"365 Days" (1999)

"Fly Away" (2000)

"Sodapop" (2000)

"Perfect Love" (2002)

"What About It" (2003)


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