RICKY KING is a German guitarist. Already his first two singles "Verde" and "Le Rêve" reached the top ten in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands in 1976. He also scored chart hits with the singles "Halé, Hey Louise" (1981) and "Fly With Me To Malibu" (1982). His guitar instrumentals are inspired by the style of the 1950s and 1960s. His models are Hank Marvin (guitarist of 'The Shadows'), 'The Ventures' and 'The Spotnicks'.


The Videos:

"Verde" (1976)

"Le Rêve" (1976)

"Mare" (1977)

"Halé, Hey Louise" (1981)

"Ahoi, Ay Ay Capt'n" (1982)

"Fly With Me To Malibu" (1982)


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