The REAL ABBA Tribute been spreading the "Spirit of ABBA" in more than 700 shows throughout Europe and surroundings, and Asia, since 1998.

The Real ABBA Tribute is unrivalled in their blend of outstanding vocals, their, rousing live performance, their recreation of original costumes and a live sound that captures the true essence of ABBA. With energy and passion that has to be felt to be believed, combined with a unique wit and charm, audiences have never failed to fall under their spell.

The Real ABBA Tribute -> one of the best ABBA Tributes worldwide !

 The Real ABBA Tribute -> "MAMMA MIA ! - The best ABBA show since ABBA !


The Videos:

The Real ABBA Tribute

The Real ABBA Tribute


Upcoming Public Shows

September 2019

Sep 27 - Kongress & Eventcenter, Wolfsberg (AUT)

October 2019

Oct 26 - Arcotel Wimberger, Vienna (AUT)

November 2019

Nov 09 - V-Club, Villach (AUT)

Dates concistently added !

So please check back on occasion !

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