SABRINA SALERNO is an Italian singer, songwriter, record producer, model, actress, and TV hostess. To date she has sold over 20 million records worldwide and scored 10 international hits, including 3 number ones. Internationally, she is best known for her 1987 single "Boys (Summertime Love)", which topped the charts in France and Switzerland, and peaked at number 3 in the UK. The song was accompanied by a provocative music video, which established Sabrina's image as a sex symbol. Other chart hits followed, including "Sexy Girl", "Hot Girl", "All of Me (Boy Oh Boy)", "My Chico", "Like a Yo-Yo", and "Yeah Yeah".


The Videos:

"Sexy Girl" (1986)

"Boys (Summertime Love)" (1987)

"Hot Girl" (1987)

"All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy)" (1988)

"My Chico" (1988)

"Like A Yo-Yo" (1988/1989)

"Gringo" (1989)

"Yeah Yeah" (1990)

"I Love You" (1999)

"Erase Rewind Remix" (2009)

"Call Me" (2010)

"Colour Me" (2014)


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