2 UNLIMITED is a Dutch-based dance project founded in 1991 by Belgian producers Jean-Paul DeCoster and Phil Wilde and original fronted by Dutch rapper Ray Slijngaard and Dutch vocalist Anita Doth. During five years of enormous worldwide popularity, the act scored 16 chart hits and have sold over 18 million records worldwide to date. Although they enjoyed less mainstream notoriety in the United States, many of their songs have become popular themes at US sporting events, particularly in the NHL.

The current line-up Ray and Kim!




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Upcoming Shows

April 2018

Apr 28 - Muziekfestival Hrieps, Grijpskerke (NED)

Apr 28 - Bloe Semfeesten, Zwijndrecht (BEL)

May 2018

May 11 - Horácký Zimní, Jilhava (CZE)

May 12 - Vodafonehöllin, Reykjavík (ISL)

May 25 - Výstaviste Praha, Praha (CZE)

May 26 - Outdoor Stage, Sevilla (ESP)

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