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BEL SUONO is the original mix of modern technologies with the best forms of the classical and modern musical culture, new interpretation of the well-known music pieces and execution of the original music pieces composed specially for the project. Combination of impudent youth, nobility of grand pianos sounding, modern arrangements and incredibly sensual light on the stage – this is BEL SUONO !

BEL SUONO regularly takes part in various important cultural events, including the Russian movie awards «Gold Eagle» (TV Russia 1), "Acknowledgement" award ceremony (TV channel 1), the Anniversary of TVC channel, concert in the memory of Muslim Magomayev, the Olympic Ball in Kremlin, the Russia’s Day on the Red Square, the Opening ceremony of the Moscow International Cinema Festival and more -  furthermore they are regularly to be seen in the top shows in Russian Television.

BEL SUONO the new superstars of Russia are ready for their first world tour named

"PASSIONATE"  - A Unique Show Of Three Pianos !




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