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C.E.J. - Cotton Eye Joe Show

featuring Annika "Mary Joe" Ljungberg

After having scored 10 consecutive Top 40 hits, sold more than 10 million records world wide the group is celebrating their 12th anniversary with Annika Ljungberg alias 'Mary Joe', who put the band together 1994 and is the original voice behind the 'Rednex' hits including ”Cotton Eye Joe", "Old Pop In An Oak", "Spirit Of The Hawk", and "Wish You Were Here". They write most of their material themselves and have been released in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and USA/Canada. The concept was an instant success and is still today as the group spends most the time of the year on the road to perform.

In 2005, the band represented Sweden at the opening ceremony for the World Athletes Championships in Finland !

In 2006, the band participated in the Swedish qualifications for the Eurovision Song Contest ! The song ”Mama Take Me Home” sold gold in Sweden in 3 weeks and the group made a fantastic summer tour, setting new box office records at most venues. In October the same year they were nominated as best group at “Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards”.

The single “Football Is Our Religion”, was the official German 'European-Football-Championship-Song' and the unofficial song to the 2008 UEFA European Football Championship which took place in Austria and Switzerland in June 2008. The song was written/produced by the well known dance music producer Alex C ! Also in 2008 (November) the world’s biggest horse jumping-competition is taking place at the Globe Arena in Stockholm, and the band around 'Mary Joe' (at that time still nameded 'Rednex') is the artist who the whole opening ceremony is built around.

From 2009 the group is touring under the name 'C.E.J. – Cotton Eye Joe Show' instead of 'Rednex'. But already in 2007, after an Aids-gala together with Sting  in India they started to plan to change their name, as the whole event was promoted under the name 'COTTON EYE JOE' - they had an audience around 9000 people. Annika 'Mary Joe' Ljungberg (singer, executive producer, starter and founding member of the band) says: 'C.E.J. – Cotton Eye Joe Show' is for us a bigger name than 'Rednex' and has more impact on the international market.

'C.E.J. – Cotton Eye Joe Show' has performed together with artists including 'Earth Wind & Fire', 'Backstreet Boys', 'Take That', 'The Hooters', Brad Paisley, and Alan Jackson.


'C.E.J. – Cotton Eye Joe Show' consist of:

'Mary Joe'  - Annika Ljungberg 

'Pinnball' - Fredrik Jernberg

'Cotton Eye Joe' - Jens Sylsjö


The Videos:

C.E.J. - World Wide (2015)

"We Were In Love” (2015)


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