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EIFFEL 65 is an Italian musical group known chiefly for their high-charting singles, "Blue (Da Ba Dee)", "Move Your Body", "Too Much Of Heaven" and "Lucky (In My Life)".

The group was founded in 1992 by producer Massimo Gabutti. A computer chose the name EIFFEL randomly from a group of words, the number 65 was added mistakenly to an early pressing of their first single, Blue (Da Ba Dee).

Group members: Jeffrey Jey ((vocals, producer), Maury Lobina (producer, keyboards), and Gabry Ponte (DJ, producer).


The Videos:

"Blue (Da Ba Dee)" (1998)

"Move Your Body" (1999)

"Too Much Of Heaven" (1999/2000)

"Lucky (In My Life)" (2001)


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