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FAUSTO LEALI is an Italian singer, famous for his rough and aggressive voice, in sharp contrast with Italian melody conventions. Due to his voice, he is nicknamed "The black white" ("Negro bianco"). His first hit song was "A Chi" in 1967 followed by many other hits to date, including "Senza Luce", "Angeli Negri", "Un'ora Fa""Io Cammineró", "Ti Lasceró", "Avrei Voluto", "Ora Che Ho Bisogno Di Te", and "Eri Tu".


The Videos:

"A Chi" (1967)

"Angeli Negri" (1968)

"Un’Ora Fa" (1969)

"L'Uomo E Il Cane" (1972)

"Io Camminerò" (1976)

"Io Amo" (1987)

"Mi Manchi" (1988)

"Ti Lascerò" (1989)

"Avrei Voluto" (1989)

"Non Ami Che Te" (1997)

"Eri Tu" (2003)


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