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featuring Leee John

IMAGINATION originally was a British three piece soul music band, formed by Leee John, Ashley Ingram and Errol Kennedy. Between 1981 and 1983 they had chart hits in 28 countries and earned a huge line of platinum, gold and silver discs around the world for their albums as well as for their hit singles including “Body Talk”, “Flashback”, “Just An Illusion”, “Music And Lights”, “In The Heat Of The Night”, “Burnin' Up”, and “Changes”. They continued to perform, tour and record together until the early 1990s, then they split.


LEEE JOHN, of St Lucian descent, is a British musician, singer and actor. Since the split with Ashley and Errol he released a number of dance singles in the late 1990s and early 2000s, including the UK Garage tracks "Your Mind, Your Body, Your Soul" and "U Turn Me" with ‘Ten City’ vocalist Byron Stingily (2000). Under the artist name ‘Johnny X’, he also co-wrote and performed vocals on the track "Call On Me".

In 2005 LEEE JOHN released a jazz album ‘Feel My Soul’ featuring a mixture of jazz standards, and original compositions. Since the album's release he has been touring the UK and Europe with his jazz quartet, as well as performing as ‘IMAGINATION featuring Leee John’.


The Videos:

"Body Talk" (1981)

"In And Out Of Love" (1981)

"Flashback" (1981)

"Just An Illusion" (1982)

"Music And Lights" (1982)

"In The Heat Of The Night" (1982)

"Changes" (1982/1983)

"Looking At Midnight" (1983)

"New Dimension" (1983)

"State Of Love" (1984)

"This Means War (Shoo Be Doo Da Dabba Doobee)" (1984)

"Thank You My Love" (1984/1985)

"Instinctual" (1988)


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