The Voice Of The Gypsies

MANOLO is part of the legends of Gipsy music.

At the beginning of 1992, he performed television shows and concerts one after another, and MANOLO who only supplied backing vocals at the beginning of his career, revealed himself to be among the most beautiful gipsy voices. Thanks to his friendly nature and his charisma everybody identifies him as the new “Gipsy Voice”.

With one gold disc, with 'Chico & The Gypsies', of which he is the co-author, co-composer and co-singer… MANOLO and his friends made the whole planet dance, with more than 200,000 albums sold. He has been performing in the whole world for almost 20 years, taking part in the most prestigious private parties (Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Osaka, Moscow, Beyrouth, the Arab Emirates, etc…).

In December 2010, he leaves 'Chico & The Gypsies' to form his own group which will allow him to develop his gipsy art on a large scale.


The Videos:

Stand By Me

Marina Marina

La Vida

My Way

Djobi Djoba + Bamboléo

Manolo & Patrick Sébastien - The Voice Of The Gypsies

Hymne Eurostelsia 2016


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