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PAUL DA VINCI started his musical career in groups then became increasingly in demand as the go to session singer, doing demonstration records for major songwriters, Tony Macaulay, Don Black and numerous others, pitching to artists like Tom Jones and The Hollies. He sang on numerous major advertising campaigns: British Airways, Smiths Crisps etc. He then went on to appear on albums by guitarist Gary Moore, Ringo Starr, David Essex, Jeff Wayne's album Spartacus, and an album "Dear Anyone" by Don Black and Geoff Stephens. He appeared on Top of the Pops with Justin Hayward ("Forever Autumn") and Elton John ("I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues").

PAUL DA VINCI is best known as the the legendary original voice on the 1974 hit recording by 'The Rubettes' "Sugar Baby Love", although he did not perform with the group at the time. In the same year he also had success with his self produced and composed top 20 UK and European number 1 hit "Your Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore" and its follow-up "If You Get Hurt". In 1978 he co-wrote "Anyway You Do It" for the group 'Liquid Gold'.

In 1981 he sang lead vocals on the hit "Back To The Sixties Part 2" of 'Tigh Fit'.

In 1983 he appeared in the West End musical 'Dear Anyone', written by Don Black and Geoff Stephens.

Between 1990 and 1994 he sang in Trevor Payne's touring show 'That'll Be The Day'. He also sang on Jeff Wayne's musical version of 'Spartacus' in 1992, appeared as the narrator of the West End production of The Who's 'Tommy' in 1997, and, with his band, opened for Fats Domino in performances at the Royal Albert Hall.

Between 2000 and 2006, he performed with 'The Rubettes featuring Bill Hurd', touring the UK and Europe.

Paul's new venture PAUL DA VINCI - 60's/70's Explosion features a kicking band of seasoned session men who can really sing and play. Features the hits, plus a wide range of classic music, (Motown, Swing, Rock and Pop) from the 60's and 70's and featuring his amazing 3 and a half octave voice, and the showmanship you would associate with such a seasoned professional.


The Videos:

"Sugar Baby Love" (1974)

"Your Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore" (1974)

"If You Get Hurt" (1974/1975)

"You Make Me Feel Brand New" (1984)


Paul Da Vinci - 60's/70's Explosion (2016)


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Jul 28 - Nidd Hall Hotel, North Yorkshire (UK)

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Aug 26 - Twinwood Farm, Airfield (UK)

Aug 28 - Cricket St Thomas Hotel, Chard (UK)

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