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TIZLA is an Italian singer, songwriter and musician. She moved the first steps in music when she was a child (playing piano and clarinet), after she studied Jazz, Blues, Soul, and R'n'B, but she fell in love with Reggae Music, coming up in the Italian Reggae Music scene as artist in 2007.

She collaborated with many sound systems, DJ’s , producers and artists in Italy and not only (Feel Good Productions, Alambic Conspiracy, Paolo Baldini, Nite Lite Productions, Treble, Bizzarri Records, Poolia Tribe, Askala Selassie, Lion D, Hotline, Jah Defender, Tty, Junior Culture and many more), she opened for many important international artists like Etana, Cecile, Tanya Stephens, Warrior King, Mad Professor, Bob Sinclair, DJ Tiesto, Onyx and many more.

TIZLA released her first album "No Rules" in 2011 (La Stanzetta Productions) produced by Bizzarri Records. In 2013 she participated at the ‘Terrorist Riddim’ EP, produced by Ragga Meridional Crew and Franziska, with other Jamaican musicians as Luciano and Laza Morgan.

TIZLA is actually working on her second album.

Her music is very fresh and always different, she is eclectic and versatile in her way to write songs and her style is very recognizable and the sound of her voice is strong and warm.




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