EEG - Europolis Entertainment Group
EEG - Europolis Entertainment Group

WELCOME to the virtual home of EEG !

Europolis Entertainment Group (EEG) is a highly professional international Entertainment company, based in Vienna acting globally with a number of group members and group partners (managers, agents, event organizer, concert and festival promoter, etc.).

Europolis Entertainment Group (EEG) can point to over 30-years experience in High-Class-Entertainment-Services -> Talents, Artists, Celebrities, Tribute Acts, Entertainment Productions/Theatrical & Non-Traditional Productions/Live Stage Shows for all kind of events, such as Festivals, Outdoor and Indoor Arenas, Concert Halls, Music Venues, Theaters, Corporate Events, Hotel Entertainment, Casinos, Clubs, Openings, Exhibitions, TV-Shows and more!

Due to the decades of experience and know-how Europolis Entertainment Group (EEG) is not only but especially "THE RETRO SOUND - OLD SCHOOL MUSIC SPECIALIST" - able to offer a wide range of Artists, Entertainment Productions, Live Stage Shows and also a wide variety of genres in music, including Pop, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Dance and Disco from the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, and 2000's up to the top artists starring the charts nowadays, as well as well known classical Artistes, Ensembles and Orchestras.

Europolis Entertainment Group (EEG) makes world-renowned music acts and productions accessible to a global audience.

Europolis Entertainment Group (EEG) takes pride in the extensive catalogue of artists and productions - and even when a certain act or production is not on our roster (A-Z) , we are able to secure them through our trusted music industry contacts.

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EEG - Europolis Entertainment Group (1983 - 2018)